Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dissing Lady GaGa and other ways of alluding to being straight


In my experience, it is nearly impossible to go to a bar in the Castro without Lady GaGa being selected in the jukebox .  If you find yourself in a bar where men are going "ga ga" -- don't panic.  This provides the perfect opportunity to allude to the fact that you like girls.  Note:  claiming that she is hot does not work!  Lady GaGa is rumored to have pheromones coming out of her vagina that can turn gay men straight.  Instead, roll your eyes and exclaim, "Ugh, not this chick again!"

Notice the derogatory term, notice the disgruntled scoff.  Bar patrons certainly will take notice of your distinct lack of interest in music's new Madonna -- now you're flying below the gaydar.  ;)

Counter balance GaGa by selecting some Soundgarden from the jukebox. When it comes on, skull your pint and reminisce with the people around you about how cool it was to have video games with full length tracks like, "Rusty Cage" on titles such as Sega's Road Rash II.  For added effect, do this while recreating the technique of punching a cop off his motorcycle.


Click here to download:
Soundgarden_-_Rusty_Cage_(entire_video_version).flv (9188 KB)

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