Friday, June 26, 2009

Thieves, Dreams, and Dawkins

My Weird Day

I went to the store to buy some provisions for my sick girlfriend. While in the produce isle, I spotted a elderly man putting what appeared to be produce in his jacket. In seeking some bullion, I also did some soul searching about my moral obligations.

With some quick typing on my quirty keyboard, I directed the checker to read my note, "I think the guy in the trench coat is stealing" The message was received, I payed for my groceries and left.

After caring for my girlfriend, I managed to purposefully pass by the store without peering in, but noticed a cop car parked in the corner. My walk home was filled with the contemplation of the old man's guilt and the driving force that motivated my reaction.

Later, I passed out for several hours. My dreams centered around having a broken neck and included night paralysis. A four hour affair.

My day ended with fighting with my roommate, cooking chicken noodle soup, then surfing the web. I watched a Richard Dawkins youtube video (my roommate is a rabid fan).

My roommate's description of Dawkins rivals an epiphany of logic. I can see how his thesis on neo-purpose (29:26) makes sense. My actions at the grocery store were morally driven and served a neo-purpose. Dawkins' goes on to say that neo-purpose may be subverted by virtue of it's flexibility.

One can argue the same is true of religion. It provides moral foundation to which people can realize their own neo-purpose in an environment that champions life. Of course, it can be a double-edged sword. Dawkins' decides to fault religion rather than look at it objectively. I regard it as painfully biased and unscientific.

I don't disagree with his model, but he asks that I forsake religion. Why is that necessary? Dawkins' says to me, my way describes life as without purpose. By the way, cast aside your God/religion.

I can prescribe to Dawkins' description of human evolution. However, it does not offer me values, or the fortitude to defend those values. I become the indifferent shopper. I might turn you in if I feel your stealing with change the price of my goods. That's ass-backwards to me.