Friday, May 15, 2009

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

retweet hack - add text to someone's retweet

twitter_tipsI'd like to share how I, a common user, can send hyperlinks that will link to twitter and add text to the input box. I learned this trick by looking at twitter_tips. In the example, the retweet URL will bring the user to their twitter homepage and pre-enter their tweet with the wordage. Take the hyperlink from the example above and input it in

My example:

Twitter the women's sevens tournament

Why would you want to do this.

This can best be summed up as it helps your event or link become "viral."

Three reason you'd want to do this. One, it lowers the barrier to participation. This means rugby players -or anyone- can now promote your event without trying (two clicks). the easier it is, the more likely people are to retweet. and the more likely they retweet, the more your message gets out there.

The second reason is message consistency. You will be controlling the message, linkage and grammar.

Third, most rugby players AREN'T Twitter users, the ones who are, haven't logged onto their account since they heard it mentioned on Jon Stewart. A single hyperlink will bring the user to the loggon screen and place your message in the input box.

If you want to do this to:

  1. type the words you want your twitters to enter on a text editor/word processor.
  2. place this text into this site here (input boxes on the bottom of the page). Now you have the correct syntax.
  3. make a link in your email or tweet or tinyurl that includes your message (from #2) preceded by:
  4. If it's going on twitter, then the link should be shortened. I recommend because it lets you track the clicks and offers options to share.
  5. Use this hyperlink in emails or directly on twitter.