Monday, March 23, 2009

download and save music from myspace, and

Rip songs from Myspace,, and -

This is much simpler than any other method I found.
I've been having a lot of fun with this trick for a while. While posting this might eventually lead to more people using it the music distributors catching on, and eventually leading to the demise of this hack- I can't not share it with the people who read my blog.
**for informational purposes only**


What you'll need:

Once the add-on is installed, visit any Myspace page with music. Play the song that you wish to download. At this point the downloadhelper button will detect the mp3 and start to animate. Next, there is a drop down menu arrow just to the right of the button. Pushing it will reveal the name of the mp3 file. Click on the file and a window will open allowing you to save the song. All the artist and album information are stored in mp3 itself. Still, I recommend renaming the mp3, it will make finding the file from the others you download much easier later on.
What you'll need:This is the exact same approach. but on you can locate pretty specific MP3s without all the myspace CRAPPY personalized designs and bloated code to sift through. Good news everyone! Sony has just made all their recording artists available to!

What you'll need:
This technique is a bit more of a hack than the others. While the library is huge, it has many protections setup to keep downloadhelper from working all the time. When you set up an account is a great add-on to Firefox to give you a experience, delivering full songs (instead of 30 second snippets) through your browser. It also is easier for downloadhelper to detect the mp3. Just let the music play and hit the download button as soon as you hear a song want to download.


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