Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jock/Nerd update for February


Well, I'm unemployed and making money under the table helping people with their XP laptops. Tomorrow I help a friend reinstall Windows and I'm anxious to try some new software: Windows Post-Install Wizard.

I used Magicical Jelly Bean to find the lost XP key and a pirated copy of the software get it a legit copy reinstalled. The goal is to make Windows XP work again despite the efforts of well, Windows XP and Microsoft.

BTW, If I hadn't given any props, then I really should now. Everything a newly installed XP system should have can be found there.

  1. Spybot
  2. AVG free
  3. Advanced System Care
  4. Firefox
  5. iTunes
  6. Adobe Flash
  7. Final Burner
  8. Java Runtime 6

Last Saturday, we beat the highest ranked team in our league - Something the Fog has never done. Our current record is now 2 and 3. With no signs of slowing down, we may be able to pull off a winning season.

My face is just starting to heal from the bruses and cuts from Saturday's win. A memorable point for me was during a ruck, someone on the other team tried to two-handedly twist my ankle. I got to my feet and draged him out of the ruck by his collar. I waited with one fist clenching his jersey and the other hovering over his head for him to strike me first. The ref blew his whistle before he he could connect. No yellow cards were issued and my point was made - Don't f*ck with me.

update: The video size limitations are pushing me to use Google video for our games (4 gigs). While I hate putting all our eggs in one basket, it would appear to be the most practical for me because acidrip/viddler solution gives me a poor quality for exchange of in-line comments that nobody uses. :-(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'd rather build it myself than pay $$$ for a P.O.S.

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work

So I saw this video today and LMAO. Fortunately for me, I'm banging my head against the wall trying to build my own digital media fucking piece of shit. It's much more rewarding. =)

My links for building your own fucking piece of useless shit.

This project was conceived in June of '08 and is roughly about 20% complete.