Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jock/Nerd update for January

Yesterday, the San Francisco Fog won it's first game in over a year and a half. In addition, I can now put Flanker on my resume of positions I can play. I predict that winning will become easier now that we have a taste of victory.

If I want to get more muscle mass, I have to start working out again. Which may not be a bad idea once a week or so in addition to Tuesday and Thursday practice.

I am toying with using to host our games online.

I am getting negative feed back from influential people who think posting our game online is a bad idea. First, they think the game videos could be studied and used against us. Second, some feel that the ability to let anyone comment may not be wise. If anyone can comment on the game footage, then good game commentary might get lost among terrible game commentary.

The compromise might be to let only certain people comment on the game and then later releasing the games + commentary to everyone else later. Some level of exclusivity is probably the best route to get a good service adopted. In the end, I feel that the viddler service could help give players access to game footage which is a great tool that The Fog could utilize.

Nerd stuff is going slow. Now that rugby takes up most of my time, I am unable to work on my projects. right now I'm stuck on two points. Making a cat 5 cable and troubleshooting the software that controls my Haupauge 1600 . After these problems are solved, I will need to figure out how to use my modified xbox as a MythTV front-end for my home TV. Also, I purchased a year subscription to Schedules Direct to fill in the names of shows on each of the channels.

Linux has been treating me really well. I'm learning that there is an acceptable amount of bloat that I am willing to tolerate for the eye-candy desktop on my aging computer. I'm running Half-Life 2 very well with Wine and looking forward to beating it and playing the two expansion episodes.


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