Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New scenario

This is me as a rejuvenated Linux user. Empowered by my computer skills, I am tasked with a cloning a server and am currently going to research cloning in BASH. So far, ghost seems to be the most promising. Next I learn SQL to help fix a problem with a vacuum command that isn't working properly.

Making myself useful to others, it's starting to feel like work. Like installing Ubuntu on someones computer and having to come over when something is not going right.

My roommate has cut me off from the cable modem, cause he's a dick. I'm pirating a signal to manage this huge project. It seems ironic that my job is so critical yet, I'm scrapping by using someone else's wifi. But, I must consider that all the skills that brought me to such responsibility was generated through the mastering of free software.


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