Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Difficulty of the Jock/Nerd Paradox

The road less traveled has a fork in it. My resources are limited. Being on the rugby team has made me social, outgoing, and personable; especially for a geek. These days, My geekery has become worth developing for monetary purposes. Who knew being a devout Linux user would make me a commodity?

I intend to pursue side work with a startup. I already know the demands are going to require a big portion of my personal life - mainly the sacrificing of my jockhood. Now that I'm 29 it only seems appropriate that I find profitable ways to advance my knowledge.

I think this moment is what every middle aged person warns you about; the turning away from recklessness into a higher level of adulthood. Complaints of achy joints, knowledgeable discussions on the economy, and a beer gut are waiting for me just beyond this transition.

With some proper prioritizing, I can claim my own time to stay in shape. But as the new rugby season gets closer, it's relevance is dwarfed by the pursuit of my potential. I'm hoping this is a pendulum affect and I can simply come back to the sports I love.


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Daniel said...

awwww you are the only jock nerd I know! I have to say it seems that most people in their twenties give up sports for more work time and thats sad! I am rubbish at all sports but I know it keeps you and other people fit.

They say its all about the perfect worklife balance and everything balanced! but how pratical is that really!

good luck in the new rugby season and hope you dont get any injuries!