Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Logging into Windows with Ubuntu

I've replaced my iPod (gen4) charger and now listen to Linux Reality on the bus rides to work. I discovered that I can log onto Windows machines through my Ubuntu OS via remote windows login protocol.

While studying the VNC podcast. I decided to bring the question to Fluther. Did some digging in the forums and found my gem:

Quad Shot of Ubuntu

Re: VNC into Windows XP

Originally Posted by Ek0nomik View Post
I have the same problem. I'd appreciate any feedback on how to control a Windows XP computer from Ubuntu.

You're asking a different question than the original poster was, as that person has installed extra software called VNC on the Windows boxes.

If you want to control a Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista box then there's already software installed by default in Ubuntu that can do that for you.

It's called "Terminal Server Client" and it works just like "remote Desktop Connection" in Windows. You must make sure that your Windows machine is set up to accept incoming Remote Desktop requests from whatever user you wish to use, but other than that you're golden.

I am often called up by friends of mine looking to help them with there system. I realize Linux is not for everyone and I try to offer assistance whenever I can. I also don't want to bus it across town to trouble shoot someone's issues.

So my project is to get this working on my intranet and then onto remote logins from anywhere via the internet. That would allow me to assist Windows users with there many, many virus/spyware related problems from my home.

Surprising as it may or may not sound, the average user could benefit greatly from an Ubuntu system.


Soul Calibur IV, July 29th

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Linux: 9000 PCs in Swiss schools will switch to Ubuntu only

From next term, all computers at schools in the Swiss canton of Geneva will have MS Windows removed and will only run Ubuntu Linux and FOSS.Director for the schools IT services sees this move also to "encourages participation and the democratization of knowledge " and provide equal opportunities.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pain is temporary, pride is forever


Bingham Cup 2008

We need a t-shirt idea for traveling to Ireland for Rugby.

Team mission

The San Francisco Fog R.F.C. is committed to an ethic of inclusion. The vision of the club is to be the preeminent rugby club in the world that actively pursues the participation of people of color, gay men, women, and other groups traditionally under-represented in rugby Over one hundred members strong, Fog Rugby welcomes newcomers, as well as experienced players, coaches and supporters of all ages, races and sexual orientations.

The design would be stretched across the back of a gray t-shirt. The original saying is: Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

When simply viewed, I want people to see this a jock/athlete t-shirt with a gay twist.

For me the phrase has deep rooted meanings at Kamiakin High School when I was persevering through training for wrestling matches.

The deeper meaning I see is this: Pain also can refer to losing the cup in 06 or league season pain of losing that all IGRAB teams experience, or the loses we've suffered in players who have since been deceased.

Pride can mean taking pride in starting the tournament, participating in Ireland, pride in what the Bingham cup stands for, and good-old gay PRIDE (a term our city coined if I'm not mistaken); represent!

We may not be the 'gay' team anymore, but we still have a place in the Bingham Cup and we still have Pride. I think this shirt logo is progressive like the Fog.