Thursday, January 10, 2008 and customizing Ubuntu

Today I want to explore the power of Linux for updating your themes. After checking out It isn't exactly obvious how to get these themes loaded onto the desktop. It's so simple that nobody bothers with an explanation. Please visit GeekyBits, I just found that site and it has the perfect walk through for people who want to tweak their icons or themes.

Terms to know

GTK: is the base library that the GNOME environment runs on.
Metacity:Ubuntu's default compositing window manager (program that builds the windows). was replaced by Compiz-Fusion, which has the 3d desktop.

download the theme from the above a theme from Gnome-look then go to System > Preferences > Themes
drag the file into the Themes window and it will automatically add it as an option. Literally so simple that nobody thins
Unlike other themes Icons aren't simple. I found this Howto on Ubuntu Forums Archives
To install a new icon theme:

Download the Icon theme tarball..
cp tarball.tar.gz /home/username/.icons
cd /home/username/.icons
tar xfz tarball.tar.gz
Goto Computer > Desktop Preferences > Themes to change to the new Icon theme. If you do not have a .icons directory you can create one:
mkdir -p /home/username/.icons

The power is yours to explore, thank you for choosing linux.

These themes are suspected defaults for the newest Ubuntu release.

another metacity theme to downloadGnome-look options.

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