Friday, January 11, 2008

The Fluther Collective

I have a new pet startup called Fluther.

Tapping into our collective is like extending your entire network of knowledge. And Fluther lets you share your massive brainpower with others.
This is an entertaining site. Ask the site a question and onlookers get to respond. Because you tap into other inquiring people, you are greeted with a refreshing non-Googled, person to person answers.

Challenging the mind of the Fluther collective, I tested the audience knowledge base.
I will use my last pet startup to explain.
Trailfire: Fluther vs. the BB

The jellyfish collective seems to have just as much knowledge about sports as my rugby team. While rugby team is comprised of people of LOTS of different walks of life, a juxtaposition would most likely prove that Fluther has a lesser chance of being stumped.

I think Fluther's winning strategy is it's design. It allows creative questions in a method similar to Twitter. Like twitter, the design allows you to be connected to everyone in an unobtrusive way. This design feels accommodating and reins in knowledge ala wikipedia, a site where knowledgeable people contribute. These two concepts pair brilliantly.

I signed up for the service about 8 months ago. I've only recently got active once it became part of my morning coffee.

Tap the collective, give Fluther a try.

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