Tuesday, January 1, 2008

D9C: Goals in the year of the RAT

Goals for 2008
I want to become fit again. After a pretty bad knee injury, it is time for me to return to practice. I'd like to create a synopsis of each game as we compete in our league. And add more articles about modern male heterosexuality. For instance, did you know that 80% of all female character played in Second Life are played by males? I have my own unique perspective on why that is.

I want to blog more about things like how to drag and drop themes from gnome-look.org My goal is to pull useful (to me) threads from out of ubuntuforums.org and display one each week. In the past, I've place up articles that aren't mine and found that I don't like the practical application of the article. such as emerald-SVN, bleeh! I will never do that again.

I love to use new programs and experiment. I will make it my goal to update you on how my developments are going. websites like mint.com and spokeo have become invaluable to me. I'd like report why my problems with splashcast and trailfire. I'll also be outlineing my philosophy on how "gay" a gay team should be in cyberspace.

I have never been more fit fiscally or health-wise. The last thing I want to do is become complacent. I am still very excited to explore the fruits of my generation. Happy new year!

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