Thursday, December 27, 2007

Housemate drama


I would like to get this off my chest. I find that, as a housemate, you lack any consideration for any of your housemates and you are heavily influenced by the drugs you take. This is evident on several recent occasions:

  • woke me up in an attempt to take cigarettes from my room.
  • offered to let the Russian girls stay, as long as they'd like, which, while intentions are good, your intentions still had no trace of consideration to your housemates as you plan to leave town.
  • dishes are still on top of the fridge, the same ones that spent a week piling up in your room, while the ones that were left the sink were allowed to rot.
  • offer to buy herbs only after it becomes impossible to get, then without shame proclaim, "you know what would be good right now?HERB."
  • Can be quoted to say that former housemate moved out because she hates you for always leaving the fridge door open (among other things).

It is fundamentally flawed that you, the person "entitled" to the lowest rent, won't consider his impact amongst his housemates unless prompted to.

There are three of us in this house and soon to be two. I have to know what you consider to be a good housemate. I too will be deciding whether or not I want to live in this house. My decision is primarily based on your consideration and timely response to this email.

All the utensils and furniture that Current housemate purchased will have to be replaced once she moves out. Since you have never put any money into communal supplies, I have to assume you plan on remaining indolent. Your faults stand out by your refusal to help out around the house.

Why should I be unfairly taxed with the burden of refurnishing while you pay the lowest rent? How much grace are you afforded because you've, "lived here longest?" Shouldn't that also put you in charge of the mail and bills?

In February, I expect these terms. I get current housemate's room, you can have the garage, your bathroom and we both pay $XXX. The bills are split 3 ways with the new tenant. You already pay this amount with your parking arrangement with the neighbors, so I believe this to be fair if not beneficial for you.

Further, I will require that you be responsible for all the bills, including collection of funds and payment. A task best suited to the person who is most senior.

It would help me out a lot if, once in a while, you could please replace kitchen items like paper towels - maybe use the napkins instead, they're cheaper. keep the heat a temperature that the thermostat can actually reach (64). Respect the fact that I have to bus my groceries across town in order to maintain my lifestyle, please do not feel entitled to eat or drink them without replacing them. These are things that you can easily be conscious of that annoy other people when ignored.

All this pent up frustration aside. I need to be more vocal about my needs. The fact is that I could turn a blind eye because I wasn't here most of the time. But now that I am it isn't fair to blow up at you like this.

I do think we can live together. Just please help me out with a little consideration for the people you live with. We can't keep looking for replacement roommates because they don't want to live with you.

I don't want to discuss this tonight while you are stoned (watching LOTR triology), but I will need a response before you leave so that I can make my decision.


Ahem, this is a three bedroom house with 3 leases. since we can not force him to leave and his cheap rent creates no incentive for him to do so, I felt this letter was necessary.

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