Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 64bit versus 32bit

Ubuntu 7.10 released! woohoo!
I'm already sold on Ubuntu. Here's your link for a review. Don't bother with Gnash, the open source flash plugin for Firefox, it's just not ready yet. Also, Upgrading to 7.10 means losing the ability to run VMware Player/Server easily via Automatix.

Quick review of the two versions of Ubuntu
I have the 64bit version on one partition and the 32bit running on the other.

I can't tell any real difference in performance.
64bit is a bit more stable if Firefox decides to crash.
Disclaimer: I have an AMD Sempron processor whose motherboard doesn't support 64bit ram transfers.

main differences:

  1. The ability to download more games for the 32bit.
  2. Firefox is a lot more compatible with the 32bit. But I did get flash working flawlessly with a clean 64bit install on my roommates computer.
  3. 64bit apps can be more complicated to get running. For instance, the java based application Freemind.
The stability for the 64bit might be in my mind, but I feel as if when I have problems with Flash, Firefox will turn gray and be unresponsive. the 64bit version of Ubuntu will let me navigate around the browser and do an xkill.
Alt + F2, then type "xkill" for a little skull that kills an open program.

Believe me, I have a 64bit processor and I want to make the most of it. But the next time I install Linux it will be 32bit versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Unless I get a new computer.

For games and files not in the universe repositories I use getdeb (debian package files) in my Firefox search bar.

I've actually been itching to remove my desktop settings in my home directory and start fresh with the default look and feel. If anybody knows how to accomplish this, let me know.


PS. Awesome Ubuntu resource

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