Sunday, November 11, 2007

Clean-up expands for San Francisco Bay oil spill

First hand (or foot, rather) experience with the tanker oil spill.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Clean-up efforts for a 58,000-gallon (220,000-liter) oil spill in San Francisco Bay expanded on Sunday as federal officials assessed damage that has closed beaches, threatened the crabbing season and killed scores of birds.

I went with my girlfriend to the beach so that we can walk her pit bull. Through passive discovery, we found little "dots" of oil from the tanker spilled on ocean beach. They marked onto the sand the high points of the tide and were sticky to the touch.

Earlier, I had noticed giant bins lining the entrance to the beach with warnings not to clean the beach without proper training. Evidently you shouldn't walk barefoot there either.

This is a picture of me. I was cleaning the lint from my toenails before I had turned my foot over...

It looks like some some gross disease.

There were hundreds of dead jellyfish up and down the beach. And for every jellyfish, there was a volunteer picking up seed-sized tar balls. They carried grocery shopping bag sized bags of oil and sand back from the shore.

My feet got covered in this goo in 20 minutes of throwing a tennis ball to the dog. I have more sympathy for the wildlife I see in the paper.

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