Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rugby World Cup, Marketing Projects in the Works, Linux bringing life back to a 400Mhz Laptop


I have adopted two hand-me-down laptops. they are Dell CPi 400Mhz, one has 512Mb of ram - the other - 256Mb. Not what you would consider fast by any means. I installed Xubuntu to keep the system resources down.

My computational experience has been lacking. While I can run a browser and watch videos, I lack a crispness in EVERYTHING I do. I'm typing this blog on the 512Mb laptop and I can type at least 4 words before having to pause and let it catch up.

Xubuntu is designed for lower end machines. The entire windows manager is 80Mb, compared to gnome which is several hundreds of Mbs. I've seem to find a use for these laptops in VNC. I can connect to my my main computer and use the laptop as an extra screen. It greatly increases the productivity of these really slow Pentium II computers and allows me to run programs from my bed.


Been two weeks since quiting smoking cold turkey. I've gotten my energy back. With my lungs getting healthier, I have more access to my energy reserves. I'm using this energy to get ready for the upcoming season. A couple of friends of mine have the Rugby World Cup on Setanta. I'll be watching this weekend.


I found great website to emulate my marketing website. I want to run a side business installing Ubuntu on other people's machines. However, I may take a side job as a Jager rep. This is a recent development for me, but offers some extra $$$. I've also put together a trailfire account with a fog rugby trailfire. It's a great resource for people who want to research the fog and also for people who want to build a better rugby team. My Fog rugby Trailfire:

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