Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My first 48 hours with Ubuntu

I have installed Ubuntu before. The goal of this post is to reflect on a efficient path to a unlock the personalization power of Ubuntu Linux.

Internet connection is key.

Ubuntu sucks shortly after instillation. Thankfully Feisty Fawn has made friends with my RT2561/RT61 wireless drivers. It made it a snap compared to Edgy. The internet is your library in which to constuct your computing environment. It is much putting pieces together like Legos, not everyone constructs their imagination in the same way.

I chose to install Ubuntu i386 edition.
I have a 64 bit AMD processor but from my previous encounter with software incompatibility. I wanted to save myself some hassles. I opted for the i386 to save myself more work later making it compatible to run 32 bit software (like flash).

I have the same reasoning for not choosing Kubuntu. It's highly customizable, but I don't want that much choice. Plus most instructions you'll find on the help forums are made for ubuntu.

I've been with Linux exclusivly for 5 months. Windows XP is tucked away my desk. I would break my licence agreement should I install XP on another computer. ;)

first hour.
hiccups with wireless.
My wireless driver connected in 30 minutes. It had some trouble. Found out that the trouble was because I had my Ethernet card plugged into a hub and connected to a router. the automatic network tool didn't like activating both cards at the same time. I removed the cables from the back of the computer and the wireless card functions exactly like it should.

I need to get my mp3s up and running, since those codecs aren't included in ubuntu, I used automatix to download Google earth and Picassa. Unessential, but because my last installation (64bit) couldn't run them I had to have them. Apparently, there are some problems with Automatix, I haven't experienced any.

A KDE program, but a few clicks and Ubuntu downloads all the Libs you'll need to run this program. Podcasts like Linux Reality, can be organized and moved to my iPod with little configuration through this one program. In addition. I've been digitizing my music for a while now and have all kinds of duplicates as a result. Amarok gives you the power to organize and delete files from the hard drive through it's interface. iTunes just puts up that "!" graphic and leaves you high and dry. All those WMA files that iTunes converted to ACC that I later changed to MP3 - easy to identify and eliminate.

Instant messaging for my AIM, Yahoo, and Gmail all in one place. I heard the name changed to Pidgin. I have gaim and I'll check out pidgin when I get around to it.

Excellent program for managing the passwords for my many web accounts. Database files compatible with windows.

Linux torrent downloader. I liked Bitcomet for windows, but have yet to find something similar for Linux.

Firefox Extensions.
Download status bar. bookmarks.
Morning Coffee. =)
gspace. (for use with gmail)
(still trying to figure out the potential with this one.)
Tiny menu.
Use this then customize your menu bar (right click on top bar, select "customize") and move all your navigation buttons to the top. select the tiny icons buttons.
Foxmarks. I enjoy this extension because it syncs my work, portable Firefox (located in my iPod), and my home bookmarks. However, I think there is an issue with syncing Linux and windows versions of Firefox.
FoxyTunes. remote control music from firefox
Favinconizetab. set up to shrink the tab size with one click
Adblock plus. Hate ads?
Adblock Filterset.G Updater. <3
Dictionary search highlight a word and right click. a definition is a click away.

Extensions for Myspace, web design, and Marketing.
Stumbleupon is the only one I don't consider optional.
webdeveloper toolbar.
trialfire. (for my marketing project)

Firefox themes.
All of them are black to match my desktop wallpaper.
NASA theme.

Search engines:
you know that little search engine field in the top right hand corner? click the drop down menu and select Manage search engines. then, click get more search engines.

there are more. at the bottom of the search engine page is. you can follow my trail for

  1. Browse through more search engines at
  2. You can use the Advanced Search to browse the categories and search by country or language.
  3. Computer/File Sharing
  4. Scroll down to TorrentSpy
  5. enjoy the torrents that torrent spy has to offer.
Day 2
3d Desktop time!

I am addicted to this feature. It is eye candy for other people who hear me go on about linux but dismiss my enthusiasm for being a geek. For me, it is a way to organize my windows to get each desktop environment happily individualized. My mind can

I had to choose between Beryl or Compiz. Either one takes more effort than all the previous installs combined. I had fun with Beryl last time and decided to try it's sister program Compiz.

Kiba Doc.

I saw the video with the icons flying across the screen and the user whipping them around with the mouse. It needed a lot of customizing to get it to work for me. and it is kinda buggy.

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