Monday, July 23, 2007

Switching software, friend in the hospital, finds my nudes

I've abandoned Kiba-dock for AWN. Much faster and less buggy. Installed and looking at GNUCash. I removed the bottom panel from my windows manager and put the needed buttons like "trash" on the top panel by right clicking, "add to panel."

Played in the Palo Alto Sevens tournament and had a blast. On a sad note, the tournament ended with my friend Jeremy breaking his tibia and fibula. He was carried off the field in a stretcher. the most recent news is that he is having complications with his surgery and is currently in the ICU.

Using my freelance work to beef up my resume on I am planning to get a real job first then help out with the Balls Out Ball auction site.
Oh, my past is catching up with me. On Monster there is a button to check out that searches your name in cyberspace. My modeling pictures are there. Any company I would want to work for should realize the amount of myspace hits I've able to generate with those photos. Just another potent concoction to bring wanted content to audiences. Marketing with bite.

I often see my marketing endeavors as experiments in my lab. These pictures are proof that I've been using my self as a guinea pig.

It's not my fault I've got a sexy body. ;)
It is my fault that you want your Myspace to cross market with your business.

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