Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still no Movies. =(


In an attempt to circumvent my wireless card problem I have tried and failed to install mepis, I did back up 25 gigs of music, but no DVD player. I am considering a clean wipe of all partitions to get the job done right.

I also called in to the Linux reality podcast to submit a listener tip. So exciting! I hope I didn't say, "um" and, "uh" too much, that's a surefire way of not getting on the air.

I'd love to sit and write more but I feel compelled to get my system in shape before tinkering with the wireless drivers. I'm writing at my desk at work =(


Tonight I meet up with Chris to discuss some of the ideas I've been thinking about for the next photo shoot. I'd like to get out of the studio and do some acrobatics. I was also thinking of blending the geek and jock with a juxtaposition of scenery and wardrobe.


The gym is my friend. I'm feeling sore and can't stop eating. I drink whey protein. However my roommate is a hippy-musician-guy who said hemp whey is better for you. Maybe when I run out of my industrial sized container will I give it a go.

I keep weighing myself. and no matter what my metabolism is doing I can't seem to break away from my natural weight of 155.

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