Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rugby stomping on my geek abilities

Playing the San Jose Marauders this weekend. I've gotten away from my Lifting program to attend practices. In practice, my finger was cleated and I have cut with a bruise forming around it. Lifting has had a tremendously positive effect on my performance at practice. It's too bad I can't grip any heavy barbells because of my finger.

With my finger smashed up, I couldn't type very well. I decided to forgo the reinstallation of Linux last night. I'm hoping that an edgy amd64 installation will format the fat32 partition thats been giving me problems. Rugby is stomping on my geek abilities but my geek endeavors are constricting my sex life. A subject I'll only mention, but never write about.

Talked with Chris and we are back on for sometime after the Seattle Magnitude tournament in mid may. Hopefully I won't get injured; that would fuck with my master plan. Homeboy might have a perforated intestinal track. I hope he gets well.

I have communicated to Robert the need to have my necklace done by mid march at the latest. Actually I realized that he has a ton of necklaces I could borrow for a shoot. hmmmmmm......


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