Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Out of the Closet

Part of my Easter experience deals with my visit to Out of the Closet. A thrift store sporting models in fabulously flaming couture. After stuffing my face at the local Taqueria, Amanda insisted we stop in. In a gesture of appeasement, I agreed.

Out of the Closet donates their profits from donated goods to Aids research. The store carries everything, from a sandwich cooker that was too small for one sandwich to the clothes I got that day.

I walked out with a leather jacket, 2 work shirts, 2 casual shirts, a sweater, a new business bag, and some Dickies brand khakis. All of this for $78. =)

Living in gay Mecca, the hand me down stores are chalked full of designer fashion in quality condition. My clothes were Polo, Gap, etc... In fact, the lady in line behind me was a teacher who bought these clothes to sell to kids in the mid-west via on Ebay. Apparently, red states don't even have retail stores with this much fashion. At least they have internet, yeesh!

Needles to say, was overjoyed the selection and price (hence this blog). A feeling never to be outweighed by the fact it came from a place called, "Out of the Closet."


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