Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Got a brand new Brain!


I repaired an iPod Photo that had been given to me. I've been addicted to it ever since. I use Amarok to handle transferring my files between the hard drive and the iPod. Not only is this program easy use, but it is far superior for finding duplicates. Have you ever moved your collection from Windows media to iTunes? Then you know that the iTunes music manager copys and converts .WMA files to .MP3 or .ACC creating a pain in the ass to sort through.

Amarok gives you direct access to your files through the playlist or the collection manager, it can display file types giving the user a powerful tool to clean duplicates efficiently. I have a dual booting operating system with my music placed in a third FAT32 partition shared between the two operations systems.

The iPod has a second booting option. When I hold down left on wheel during boot up, Linux boots up within the hard disk of the iPod. The advantage is that the new brain is smart enough to play chess against. Pretty soon, I'll be able to play .WMA and .OGG files, a option that the native operating system can not do.

Linux expands into all things, my old Xbox has a linux system that allows me, or my ex-girlfriend at least, to play burnt DVDs so I could rent a game and theoretically keep it.

Here is another person who wrote about switching to Ubuntu linux.
Also, the best reason yet for trying Ubuntu.


Got to see the jewelry design on my necklace yesterday. I am trusting to a point, it looks really ornate from what I had envisioned. I have to see what is up with that before he moves farther in braiding the center piece.

I am contacting Chris Ford for a second shoot, hopefully in a month. We had a lot of fun during the first one. Problem is, I'm starting to lose my muscle definition since the rugby season ended.


I finished the education portion of my sentence! For those who do not know, my motorcycle days are over and I am sentence to another 6 group sessions with other people who've been given a DUI. That will satisfy 3 months and I can get my drivers license back. Long story short, blew a .09 after being pulled over on my motorcycle for reckless driving (debatable).

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