Friday, April 27, 2007

Geek Pedigree

Geek Pedigree

Early geek life, 6-18:

  • First computer IBM PC junior w/ whopping 512 kilobytes of ram!
  • logged on to bulletin board systems (BBS) for the sake of downloading .gif files and playing "food fight."
  • Tried and failed at creating a Doom WAD. A classic example of starting out too complicated.
  • Created a small three person network via serial cable and modem. The serial cord spanned 40 feet into my neighbors window, the other person called in with the modem for revolutionary 3 person Quake deathmatch!
  • Civilization/Halflife/Starcraft addict
  • MS-DOS trained
  • OS reinstallations: at least dozen times

18 - 24
  • Attended LAN parties. Played Unreal tournament and counterstrike
  • Started exploring open source
  • Napster. Nuff said.
  • Took a class on Windows Visual Basic. Barely showed up and got a "B."
  • OS reinstallation: zero - never owned a computer through college

25 - 27
  • Became windows power user. bit torrents, IP blockers, virtual machines, portable apps, etc.
  • Exploring Ubuntu as a dual boot option
  • Taught myself basic HTML, CSS
  • explored RSS, weblogs, Myspace, and integrated marketing techniques learned from college.
  • Using Ubuntu Linux without a windows option.
  • Recovering faulty systems for friends, building computers from old parts.
  • building clientèle for future business in Internet marketing consulting.
  • OS installations: at least a dozen times trying to dual boot and another 8 or so times reinstalling windows after critical crashes.
Never anything malicious, I use my abilities for fun, profit or education.

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