Thursday, March 15, 2007

Straight in SF?

Robert got the tags.
He only needed one.
The other is around my neck.
it's meaning just begun.

Yes, I live in San Francisco. No, I'm not crushing on Robert.

Welcome to San Francisco!

Wearing dog tags as fashion? Citizen solder? sure.

The dog tag display
          • Name
          • Age
          • Sex
          • Blood
          • Birth


Meaning: Free will; sketched in Soc 101 while discussing free will.

Purpose: Payment for modeling. Replace a dog tag purchased at Reggae on the River. to help Mark the nameless civilians and the solders taking on a global war. May we all learn how to kneel; myself included.

Last Tag line today:
Prepare your work outside, and get things ready for yourself in the field. Afterwards, build your house.

Shouts to WSU, SF, the Fog


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