Monday, March 26, 2007

I even sent someone to the hospital!


Still coasting along with Ubuntu. This is my 3rd month after abandoning Windows XP which leaves it's virus ridden carcass on my first partition. Right now I'm trying to find the best software for ripping DVDs. I've tried several including DVDisater, Acid Rip, DeVeDe, DVD::rip and Gnome Baker. I have tried to navigate each program looking for ease of use. So far DVDisater works with the least amount of trouble. However I haven't been successful with backing up my information from the hard drive to a blank DVD. I remain patient with Linux and the learning curve. But I could use advice on creating an ISO file.

Based on a great recommendation from a Linux pod-cast, I will be trusting my finances to open source software in the form of GnuCash, a program that runs much like MS Money or Quicken. Apprehensive to jump right in, I've had the same reluctance with Linux as jumping in the ocean in San Francisco. However, after three months or so, I'm already waist in.
I've learned how to handle a crash in Linux last week:

Alt + SysRq + B

If you’re not running any crucial, scheduled tasks or in the middle of composing a letter or an e-mail then this key combination may be the one to use. It will reboot the system immediately without bothering to sync or unmount disks.

Alt + SysRq + R

If you cannot get to a terminal window by using Ctrl + Alt + F2 then use this key combination (pressed altogether) to get a keyboard (this is because this key combination turns off what is called keyboard raw mode. Pressing these keys allows keyboard input even after your X-Windows session has crashed/frozen). Now, try Ctrl + Alt + F2 again and you can close down from the terminal. If that fails move on to the next option.

Alt + SysRq + S

This key combo does just what it says on the tin: it (S)ync’s all filesystems which reduces the possibility of loosing any data and possibly obviating the need for the system to run fsck upon reboot.

Alt + SysRq + U

As you might guess, this one tries to unmount disks and remount them as read only.

Alt + SysRq + O

Not so obvious, but this will power off your machine without syncing or unmounting disks (but it won’t reboot. See above).

If in doubt use a mnemonic

If you are not sure about the sequence to use or just can’t remember, why not use a memory aid like: Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring (REISUB) or Everything Is Superb (EISUB) or So Everything Is Unusual - Boot (SEIUB). If even that was too much effort for you, just do Alt + SysRq + H which will bring up a helpful list of the command above.

Yes, Linux does crash, but never as much as Windows in the hands of a power user .


We FUCKING WON YESTERDAY! This is our first game this season that we managed to pull out a win. From the sidelines (sigh) the crowd watched a real nail-biter as the Fog came from a 6 point deficit to lead the game. I am newly returning from a knee injury suffered in the Petaluma game. We partied hard, to the point where i don't know where my jacket is and I woke up with vomit on my bed. At least I made it home.

I played in the B side game with many opportunities to score that were in some way foiled. I had such a great time. I even sent someone to the hospital! I jumped into contact with another person who suffered a concussion. My hip is only starting to turn purple. I found out about his condition at the Pilsner. His teammates told the tale of him resembling a baby deer while trying to stand on his own two feet, wobbly and frail. I listened to this story while holding two shots of Wild Turkey, my drink of choice for shitfacery. This kid who I smacked hadn't returned from the hospital and had only started playing the sport few weeks earlier. Their coach took his shot and we all wondered if he would return to the rugby again.

Team photo: Final League match 2007


I am still waiting for Robert to make my necklace. The finished product can not be imagined easily. Robert has a challenge before him and I don't want to rush his process. The piece will be a motivating source for me as I collect my online pictures from rugby and the ones from my last photo shoot. I am missing some critical pieces for a complete portfolio. At least that's what I'm told. I'm putting some effort into this project without expecting too much.

A necklace and a euthanized political career aren't how I want to end this thing. I could definitely find some work in this city once I get my a few more people to rally on my behalf.

My first modeling gig.*

*Photos not up yet

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