Friday, December 28, 2007

Parent Sells Pot Smoking Teen's Guitar Hero III On eBay

I find this modern parenting to be satifactory to my sensibilities. Original article here

I came across an interesting eBay auction today where a parent was selling their son’s Guitar Hero III as a punishment for smoking pot. This is a great message for you teenagers out there. If you smoke pot, your parents might pawn your games. It’s definitely refreshing to read stories about parents who are actually parenting. The auction can be found HERE. I have posted the father’s explanation of the situation after the break. Guitar Hero may make you like a rock star, but you can’t live like one if you are still in your parent’s house.

Here’s the deal:

So I spent who knows how many hours of my life trying to get “Guitar Hero 3” for the Nintendo Wii for my 15 year old son who has been begging for it since he was born (well not really but he’s wanted it for awhile). So after waiting in lines and going into every game store in the city over the last 2 weeks (practically being laughed at when I asked for guitar hero 3) I finally got lucky and got one at EB Games (they just got a shipment of them 25 minutes before I walked in!).

So I was so relieved in that I had finally got the Holy Grail of Xmas presents pretty much just in the nick of time. I couldn’t wait to spread the jubilance to my son.

Then, yesterday, I came home from work early and what to I find? My innocent little boy smoking pot in the backyard with 2 of his delinquent friends.

Now I know santa applies the “naughty or nice” paradigm to determine who gets what on Christmas. My son (Isaac) hasn’t exactly been Mother Teresa this year (he got suspended for fighting in the spring, among other things) but I thought I could still justify getting him this present. Maybe it would make him stay home more and “rock out” on this fake guitar thing. He pretty much spends all his free time at his friend’s house playing it anyways (while high on marijuana, I would imagine).

Anyways, I am now finding it hard to justify rewarding him with this gift after he so greatly disappointed me. I know smoking a joint isn’t the end of the world, but if you can convince me that he deserves the gift, then I will end the auction. You will have to be very convincing. I am an elementary school teacher and I know that rewarding bad behavior is just asking for more of the same…

After I caught him getting high on my patio I did the typical yelling, screaming, kicking out the friends, etc… but I had not decided on a suitable way to punish him. As of the time of me writing this, he does not know I got him Guitar Hero 3. I will show him the auction once it is posted and we can watch it finish together. Sort of a “Father-Son bonding experience”. While I doubt this will keep him from ever smoking pot again, I think it will make him think twice before doing illegal (well I think pot is still illegal in Canada) drugs on my property.

I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing With the Stars. These games are in stock everywhere I go, and I know he will just love them.

Merry Xmas Isaac. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. –Father.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Housemate drama


I would like to get this off my chest. I find that, as a housemate, you lack any consideration for any of your housemates and you are heavily influenced by the drugs you take. This is evident on several recent occasions:

  • woke me up in an attempt to take cigarettes from my room.
  • offered to let the Russian girls stay, as long as they'd like, which, while intentions are good, your intentions still had no trace of consideration to your housemates as you plan to leave town.
  • dishes are still on top of the fridge, the same ones that spent a week piling up in your room, while the ones that were left the sink were allowed to rot.
  • offer to buy herbs only after it becomes impossible to get, then without shame proclaim, "you know what would be good right now?HERB."
  • Can be quoted to say that former housemate moved out because she hates you for always leaving the fridge door open (among other things).

It is fundamentally flawed that you, the person "entitled" to the lowest rent, won't consider his impact amongst his housemates unless prompted to.

There are three of us in this house and soon to be two. I have to know what you consider to be a good housemate. I too will be deciding whether or not I want to live in this house. My decision is primarily based on your consideration and timely response to this email.

All the utensils and furniture that Current housemate purchased will have to be replaced once she moves out. Since you have never put any money into communal supplies, I have to assume you plan on remaining indolent. Your faults stand out by your refusal to help out around the house.

Why should I be unfairly taxed with the burden of refurnishing while you pay the lowest rent? How much grace are you afforded because you've, "lived here longest?" Shouldn't that also put you in charge of the mail and bills?

In February, I expect these terms. I get current housemate's room, you can have the garage, your bathroom and we both pay $XXX. The bills are split 3 ways with the new tenant. You already pay this amount with your parking arrangement with the neighbors, so I believe this to be fair if not beneficial for you.

Further, I will require that you be responsible for all the bills, including collection of funds and payment. A task best suited to the person who is most senior.

It would help me out a lot if, once in a while, you could please replace kitchen items like paper towels - maybe use the napkins instead, they're cheaper. keep the heat a temperature that the thermostat can actually reach (64). Respect the fact that I have to bus my groceries across town in order to maintain my lifestyle, please do not feel entitled to eat or drink them without replacing them. These are things that you can easily be conscious of that annoy other people when ignored.

All this pent up frustration aside. I need to be more vocal about my needs. The fact is that I could turn a blind eye because I wasn't here most of the time. But now that I am it isn't fair to blow up at you like this.

I do think we can live together. Just please help me out with a little consideration for the people you live with. We can't keep looking for replacement roommates because they don't want to live with you.

I don't want to discuss this tonight while you are stoned (watching LOTR triology), but I will need a response before you leave so that I can make my decision.


Ahem, this is a three bedroom house with 3 leases. since we can not force him to leave and his cheap rent creates no incentive for him to do so, I felt this letter was necessary.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Stress Punching Bag

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guerilla Black

Guerilla Black F/ Beenie Man - Compton

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Screenshots of my Ubuntu system

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wal-Mart is unwittingly undermining Microsoft's quest for domination.

Silverlight, Moonlight, and Linux on economic computers are the battles to watch in 2008.

The Average Computer User Gets More Open Source
Sitting on my ex-girlfriend's bed, let's call her Betty, I install the codecs needed to run DVD's on what was once the computer we shared. Her computer was my first guinea pig for dual booting Linux software. My Linux crusade began with her machine and I have learned much about the computer needs for the average user.

Betty switched to Linux after her windows system went belly-up. She didn't have the original Ethernet-driver-CD Roll Eyes , but Ubuntu got her Internet up and running without hassle.

With the $200 Wal-Mart Linux PC,the Everex’s TC2502 gPC, users will have an alternative to Microsoft Vista. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes in

By installing Linux and OpenOffice, the total cost of the PC is kept as low as possible. While the price of hardware has fallen dramatically, the price of Windows hasn’t. This could be Microsoft’s Achilles’ Heel. This low price point will appeal to many.

The typical user only needs access to the internet and email, says Maddman for

Why would Joe Sixpack, the everpresent nontechnical computer user buy one of these Linux computers? Quite simply, because its half the price of a Windows computer. Joe wants this computer for a few things. He wants to get on the web, but not for anything intense. Read some news pages, get his email, maybe look at a couple of dirty pictures when Mrs. Sixpack isn't looking. He isn't worried about gaming, because he
doesn't play them. Or if he does, its far more likely to be on a Playstation or other console. He might want to listen to some music from a CD collection. If he's a paticularly adept Joe, he might even have an MP3 collection. He might also like to write a letter
occasionally, but other than that to Joe Sixpack a computer is just an internet and music machine. Mostly internet.

With this mind, is likely that the Linux alternative is starting inroads into the main stream by providing what the average user wants from their computer. They want their computers to be cost effective for their lives, not priests of sacrifice to an ever hungry Vista demigod.

Betty is using Ubuntu exclusively to plan her entrepreneurial business, run her social networking accounts, sync her iPod, watch movies from her bedroom, and listen to her collection of MP3s.

Wal-Mart is bringing thousands of unwitting people into the Linux experience. The Open source community should embrace these people the way I welcomed was when I explored Ubuntu.

With Linux growing in users, the OS can further conquer other environments. Schools can legitimize Linux in the class room, Linux cell phones are making landmark achievements, governments are uniting over Linux. Nobody has to purchase Microsoft licenses, or any software for that matter. The success of the $200 PC is a huge victory to Linux.

Silverlight and The Future of the Internet
By using the fast Enlightenment desktop manager, Wal-Mart makes their PC more responsive, making up for the $200 PC's lack of horsepower. The OS design promotes Google's online applications, says Everex spokesman David Liu in a Wired news blog:

"It's almost like a Google PC," Liu says, pointing to the desktop's rack of pre-configured links to all of Google's online applications. It is, he says, the mass-market Linux PC we've all been waiting for. "That's our dream. ... we go the final step to make it work out the box, to go the whole nine yards."

Microsoft Internet Explorer/ Outlook express/ Messenger won't be bundled on this Operating System; Google wins out by being the default application on all these PCs. As an unintended result, Wal-Mart is creating users who won't use Microsoft or their affiliates' (Norton AV, Yahoo) products. Instead, they'll be using free products in the open source market.

Betty wants to watch Netflix (aligned with Wal-Mart) movies on the web. Silverlight is the browser plug-in required to run the Netflix instant watch feature. However, Silverlight is a Microsoft web application that competes with Adobe Flash and only available for Internet Explorer. IE doesn't easily run on Linux.

After much digging, it would appear that the open source -ha!- alternative for silverlight is Moonlight, which is still, "under heavy development." Netflix/Wal-Mart again sides with Linux by making it harder for $200 PC users to access instant watch capabilities.

It would appear that Wal-Mart is willing to sell out their partners in the name of profit. The company teams up with Microsoft via Netflix and Silverlight, then undermine the software giant with the sale of Linux machines. Meanwhile Linux and open source are given a new audience in which to prove that Linux is not for geeks and Google is strengthened by the default applications the $200 PC points to.

This says volumes about Wal-Mart's intentions. The fact that they can snub their Microsoft partner says that their not drinking the proprietary Kool-aid and that Linux is making great strides in the modern marketplace. I guess nobody is expecting the worlds largest company to worry about anyone except their shareholders.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Place Your Bets on the Bingham Cup

The official sponsor of the Bingham Cup, Paddy Power, is Ireland's biggest and most successful bookmaker. And now you can bet on the outcome of the Bingham Cup and Plate.

The Cup:

Sydney Convicts


San Francisco Fog


Gotham Knights


Los Angeles Rebellion


King's Cross Steelers


Manchester Village Spartans


Washington Renegades


Seattle Quake


The Plate:

Sydney Convicts B/


World Barbarians


Washington Renegades B/


San Francisco Fog B/


Minneapolis Mayhem


Cardiff Lions


Phoenix Storm


Muddy York


Amsterdam NOP


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Halo 3: Homophobia Evolved (NSFW)

I am often called a fag while on the field, it's really unfortunate that it happens. What does make me smile is that teams will practice harder in order keep from being defeated by the Fog.

I emailed this video out to our Rookies on the rugby team after seeing it on My email had this message:

The link below is analogous to being on a gay rugby team in a straight league.
There's a lot of people who've played before you and put up with a lot of bull shit so we all can be respected in our league.

Think about it as you play our IGRAB friends under the warm San Diego sun.

For the record. I was on to find and develop my new splashcast for gay-centered videos. It's my attempt to make the Fog Rugby Myspace edgier than our home page, of which I have no control over.

I saw this video days after it was posted on youtube. It had 1000 views and now has over a quarter million.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Connecting the Social Graph: Member Overlap at OpenSocial and Facebook

original article here

Written by Alex Patriquin (e-mail) -- November 12th, 2007

OpenSocial is a Google-led initiative to get into social networking (in a bigger way than Orkut)
and, purportedly, to create “open standards” so users can access their
data on any social network. The project is still taking shape, but it
looks like it will give users access to widgets across a bunch of
social networks, at least as a first phase.

Looking at the OpenSocial coalition of social networks, some, like LinkedIn,
clearly fall into the professional branches of the “social graph” or
that virtual map of all our relationships. Other social networks, like Friendster are much more personal in nature.

Facebook, though not in
OpenSocial, may be the only social network to have criss-crossed
professional and personal boundaries, at least among internet
professionals. Lastly, the family branch of the social graph, can be
found on sites like

As developers think about connecting the disparate branches of the
social graph, either through widget access, personal data portability
or an aggregator for easy management, Compete asks, “How do the user
communities of the social graph overlap today?”

This chart shows the members of any 2 social networks as a
percentage of the members of the social network in the purple row. So,
for instance, 20% of MySpace members are also Facebook members.

  • Meanwhile, 64% of Facebook members also belong to MySpace. This
    asymmetry makes sense when you consider MySpace has nearly 3x the
    unique visitors of Facebook and a few years head start.
  • Bebo, Hi5 and Friendster all share more than 49% of their members with MySpace.
  • Plaxo, Salesforce and Viadeo share more members with LinkedIn (the largest professional social network by 4x) than with either MySpace or Facebook.
  • LinkedIn shares 42% of its members with Facebook and 32% with MySpace.
  • Ning, which lets users customize their own social networks, has greater overlap with both MySpace and Facebook than with LinkedIn.

We can see the social graph, as it is online today, consists of
mainly personal relationships, though a large group of users belong
exclusively to professional social networks and many belong to both. A
collective solution to bringing the entire social graph online might do
well to take a closer look at the particular needs of this early
adoption crossover group.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wal-Mart’s $200 PC - sold out

Article found from originally from here.

About two weeks ago, Wal-Mart began selling $200 Linux-based PC.  The initial run was around 10,000 units.  Now Wal-Mart is sold out.  Has Linux now found a niche?

Wal-Mart’s $200 PC - sold outThe system sold by Wal-Mart was an Everex’s TC2502 gPC and is the first mass-market $200 desktop PC.  The spec of the system is very low - 1.5 GHz VIA C7 CPU embedded onto a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB Maybe a more relevant question is not whether Linux has found a niche, but whether Windows has outgrown the average user?hard drive - but this doesn’t matter because the system does pretty much everything that your average PC users wants.  With the gPC you can surf the web, send and receive email, work with word processor and spreadsheet documents, chat with friends, keep a blog updated, edit photos and pictures, even burn DVDs CDs thanks to the built-in DVD CD burner.  About the only thing that your average home user won’t be able to do with this PC is play games on it.

One thing that interested me about this PC is that it is shipped in a tower case when the components would fit into a much smaller case.  I wondered why this was the case until I came across a write-up on Wired:

Even at the low end, however, image is everything. The gPC is built using tiny components, but put inside a full-size case because research indicates that Wal-Mart shoppers are so unsophisticated they equate physical size with capability.

That “Wal-Mart shoppers are so unsophisticated” bit is a tad worrying because I do wonder whether someone who equates case size with capability should be put in charge of a Linux system.  The reviews seem pretty positive though.  Maybe Wired have underestimate the kind of person who shops at Wal-Mart.  Positive reviews far outweigh negative ones.  However, the comment that stood out was this:

when you want to jazz it up, just spend 10 bucks for a new linux distro

Interesting comment, eh?

Now here’s what’s interesting about this PC.  It doesn’t have what it takes to run Windows Vista, but it has more than enough power to do pretty much everything that users want from a PC.  As hardware costs have plummeted, and the power that can be squeezed from components increased, the cost of having Windows installed on such a PC becomes too high a proportion of the cost of components.  For example, if you wanted to load Windows Vista Home Basic onto this system (not that I’d suggest that you tried - the PC just couldn’t cope with Vista), you’re adding between $60 and $90 to the cost of the PC (depending on what the vendor pays for an OEM license, if you do it yourself, expect to pay the higher price in this spectrum).  In fact, Wal-Mart do sell a similar system with Home Basic pre-installed (this system has an extra 512MB of RAM, a SATA 150 drive instead of an ATA 150 hard drive, and comes with a keyboard and mouse) for $298.  Add Microsoft Office to that cost and the price of software doubles the price of the hardware.  By installing Linux and OpenOffice, the total cost of the PC is kept as low as possible.  While the price of hardware has fallen dramatically, the price of Windows hasn’t.  This could be Microsoft’s Achilles’ Heel.  This low price point will appeal to many.

Has Linux finally found a niche in which it can compete against Windows or will the interest in these kinds of systems be limited?  I think that Linux might well have found a good niche.  Sure, these low-end systems will never appeal to those who want power at any cost (and who don’t mind if their systems belch black smoke to achieve that power) but for people looking for a very cheap PC at a rock bottom price (this system is so cheap that I doubt you could build one for as good a price if you added shipping charges for the components into the deal), this must be a pretty irresistible deal.

Maybe a more relevant question is not whether Linux has found a niche, but whether Windows has outgrown the average user?

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rugby Sidelines: Dr. Maia James

Dr. Maia James sets up a portable medical bed underneath the canopy at the Fog's rugby match against Berkeley. A typical day tending to the wounded for one of the world's most aggressive sports.

Dr. James is this year's trainer for the San Francisco Fog. In the course of this one afternoon, Dr. James assisted many people (in order):

  • Taping of an ankle before the match.
  • Assessing a hyper-extended elbow.
  • Saran-wrapping ice to a player's ribs.
  • Cleaning and dressing a two inch gash to a player's forehead.
  • Assessing a possibly concussed player on the field.
  • Moving a player with a knee injury off the field.
  • Assessing a knock to the head.
Dr. James' rugby experience includes being a trainer for San Francisco Golden Gate and recently for the San Francisco Fog Women's Side.

Dr. James owns and manages a wellness clinic called Embrace Health, offering pilates, chiropractic and massage therapy.

The most rewarding thing isn't just helping people, said Dr. James, it's being there from when they first come in injured, to facilitating them back to full strength and being there for the entire process.

When heading to a rugby match, Dr. James includes electrical tape in with her medical supplies. "It the only thing I'll bring to a rugby game that I wont take to any other sport," she said.

To prevent a front-rower's ears from tearing off, athletic tape is wrapped around the players head to cover their ears. Electrical tape is then applied around the athletic tape to reduce friction.

Dr. James makes sure there are plenty of healthy bodies in the Fog's roster. In this sport, it's a full time job.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Google Calendar / Myspace Hack

*UPDATE -- Read the comments -- somebody came up with a better solution. =)

This hack allows you to display the upcoming events from your Google calendar on Myspace ala Google Calendar Agenda.

I realize that Google calendar has an agenda feature that can be placed in a website; it's very nice. However, the [iframe] code is not practical for sports teams/artists who exist only on Myspace. I write this so that they can easily manage and display their upcoming events utilizing the power of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar works great for my rugby team who is controlled by a board of directors, we all have power to edit the calendar events. Through this technique, we can make sure everyone, including the other team, knows when and where to be.

The Embeddable Springwidget will display the title of your event, the date and its description. Clinking on any event takes the user to the Google Calendar-event-details page. Please see the Caveats at the bottom of the post before proceeding

How did I come across this hack?
I actually run the marketing for the San Francisco Fog Rugby Club website and before they hand over access to the server, I put together the best of my Web 2.0 research for the club's Myspace. Please visit and sign the guest book.


Google Account with Google Calendar
Feedburner account
Springwidgets account (technically optional, but mandatory for editing widget)

Your Google calendar should be public with some future events for testing.
Have your Google Calendar, Springwidgets, and Feedburner account open. Hopefully in Firefox.
Getting the Calendar's XML to Feedburner
  1. Find the name of the Calendar you wish to share and select "share this calendar" in the drop down panel.
  2. Select: Calendar Details>Calendar Address>left click "XML" > copy hyperlink
  3. Go to Feedburner>"my feeds"
  4. under Burn a feed right this instant. paste the copied hyperlink into the textbox and click "next".
  5. Congratulations, you now have a Feedburner feed.

Setting up the Feed in Feedburner

  1. Click the Optimize tab
  2. Click "Event Feed"
  3. Check the box for "Only include items that represent future events"
  4. If you wish, Check the box to add the date in the title . I don't like it.
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Select the "Publicize" tab
  7. Click the "Create new" under headline animator heading.
  8. You'll find Clickthrough URL, that's where your new Feedburner feed is located.
  9. Copy the address.
Almost done... Springwidgets
  1. Go to the Springwidgets website.
  2. Click express widgets
  3. Paste your feed into the text box and click submit.

Play around with the settings until you have a custom agenda. The hard work is done, all you have to do now is make it pretty.

Why not put the calendar XML straight into springwidgets?
It doesn't work, it only displays past events, or if it does, the future events are so buried down by previous events, that they're not shown.

Feedburner has an excellent animated GIF image, why not use it?
It doesn't have the look or interactivity of the Google agenda.

Feedburner, with the future events checkbox toggled on, will not display reoccurring events.
Bummer I know, It still achieves the goal of being a way to easily publish events on Google Calendar and have them show up on Myspace.

How to make pancakes like a crack head

Originally posted here (zigzo zlinks)

Ever wanted to make pancakes like your everyday crack head junkie? Well NOW you can! *WITH PICS*

  1. Gather your junkiesque supplies
  2. Cut up your pancake mix (Junk).
  3. Continue….
  4. Pile up your pancake mix.
  6. Add 1 bump salt and 1 bump baking powder to crack head mirror.
  7. Next add your water.
  8. After the water put a shot of milk.
  9. The last liquid added is oil. This is optional but if you truly want to make crack head pan cakes, put a double shot.
  10. Now cut everything together. Mix until liquid.10.jpg
  11. Now for the egg. Take you syringe and poke THROUGH the egg shell. Extract your Egg.
  12. Add the raw egg (crack head style).
  13. After mixed add your pancake mix to your crack spoon. Hold spoon open flame.
  14. Cook both sides! This is raw egg, you don’t want to risk your health.
  15. Done! Breakfast is served and your crack head pancake is now complete. Enjoy the CrackJack :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Clean-up expands for San Francisco Bay oil spill

First hand (or foot, rather) experience with the tanker oil spill.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Clean-up efforts for a 58,000-gallon (220,000-liter) oil spill in San Francisco Bay expanded on Sunday as federal officials assessed damage that has closed beaches, threatened the crabbing season and killed scores of birds.

I went with my girlfriend to the beach so that we can walk her pit bull. Through passive discovery, we found little "dots" of oil from the tanker spilled on ocean beach. They marked onto the sand the high points of the tide and were sticky to the touch.

Earlier, I had noticed giant bins lining the entrance to the beach with warnings not to clean the beach without proper training. Evidently you shouldn't walk barefoot there either.

This is a picture of me. I was cleaning the lint from my toenails before I had turned my foot over...

It looks like some some gross disease.

There were hundreds of dead jellyfish up and down the beach. And for every jellyfish, there was a volunteer picking up seed-sized tar balls. They carried grocery shopping bag sized bags of oil and sand back from the shore.

My feet got covered in this goo in 20 minutes of throwing a tennis ball to the dog. I have more sympathy for the wildlife I see in the paper.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Help Fight Fascism - Play Fog Rugby

d9c editorial: after terrorists- gays are next in the crosshairs. Make no mistake, we as a rugby club are important to this culture at this time in history.

The church behind the protests
From Tribune news services
November 1, 2007

Church, a fundamentalist Christian group based in Topeka, Kan., has protested military funerals across the country with placards bearing shock-value messages such as "Thank God for dead soldiers."

They contend that the deaths are punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality and of gays in the military.

At the March 2006 funeral of Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, who was killed in Iraq, church members waved fire-and-brimstone placards near the funeral motorcade. Snyder's father sued Westboro and three church leaders for emotional distress and won a nearly $11 million jury verdict Wednesday in Baltimore.

For years Westboro members have crisscrossed the country toting signs using "unvarnished words" such as "God hates fags" because they say the Bible teaches them to speak directly and simply. The church's 75-person congregation is comprised mainly of relatives of Rev. Fred Phelps, the founding pastor.

The group also blames disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and AIDS, on what it views as permissive morals in violation of biblical dictates. Members insist that their protests, no matter how insulting to some, are constitutionally protected.

Alarmed by Westboro protests, at least 22 states have enacted or proposed laws to limit the rights of protesters at funerals. Only months after Matthew Snyder's death, Maryland passed a law prohibiting targeted picketing within 300 feet of a funeral, burial, memorial service, or funeral procession.

Past protests by Westboro have produced so much negative reaction that they routinely alert local police department of their plans so they can provide additional security.

Our rugby team's tribute to Mark Bingham - Hero of 9/11

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 64bit versus 32bit

Ubuntu 7.10 released! woohoo!
I'm already sold on Ubuntu. Here's your link for a review. Don't bother with Gnash, the open source flash plugin for Firefox, it's just not ready yet. Also, Upgrading to 7.10 means losing the ability to run VMware Player/Server easily via Automatix.

Quick review of the two versions of Ubuntu
I have the 64bit version on one partition and the 32bit running on the other.

I can't tell any real difference in performance.
64bit is a bit more stable if Firefox decides to crash.
Disclaimer: I have an AMD Sempron processor whose motherboard doesn't support 64bit ram transfers.

main differences:

  1. The ability to download more games for the 32bit.
  2. Firefox is a lot more compatible with the 32bit. But I did get flash working flawlessly with a clean 64bit install on my roommates computer.
  3. 64bit apps can be more complicated to get running. For instance, the java based application Freemind.
The stability for the 64bit might be in my mind, but I feel as if when I have problems with Flash, Firefox will turn gray and be unresponsive. the 64bit version of Ubuntu will let me navigate around the browser and do an xkill.
Alt + F2, then type "xkill" for a little skull that kills an open program.

Believe me, I have a 64bit processor and I want to make the most of it. But the next time I install Linux it will be 32bit versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Unless I get a new computer.

For games and files not in the universe repositories I use getdeb (debian package files) in my Firefox search bar.

I've actually been itching to remove my desktop settings in my home directory and start fresh with the default look and feel. If anybody knows how to accomplish this, let me know.


PS. Awesome Ubuntu resource

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to pimp out your Ubuntu desktop

Origninally posted here

Yeah, another of *those* tutorials. If you use Ubuntu 7.10, and you want those wobbly windows and Avant, read on and get a shiny, bling-filled desktop with convenient controls to turn everything on and off.
The first step is to edit your sources. As of version 7.10, Ubuntu's repositories come with Compiz Fusion, so just add the avant repo. First, launch a terminal and use this command:
gksudo 'gedit /etc/apt/sources.list'

Then, add this line to the end:
deb feisty avant-window-navigator

Close GEdit and run these commands:
wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -
rm 8434D43A.gpg
sudo apt-get update

Next, you'll need to install some packages. You can do this in one of two ways. You could open a terminal and run this command:
sudo apt-get install compiz emerald avant-window-navigator-bzr subversion

Or, if you're afraid of the command line, launch Synaptic and install compiz, emerald, subversion, and avant-window-navigator-bzr. Finally, run another command:
svn ls
When it asks, accept the certificate permanently.
Now, you have Compiz and Avant on your system. Next, go to System > Preferences > Emerald Theme Manager. Under the "Repositories" tab, click "Fetch GPL'd Themes". This gives you a ton of themes for the window border. Choose the one that looks the coolest under the "Themes" tab, and remember that you can come back here later.
Now, on to the controls. Make two files on your desktop called "" and "". They should have the following contents:
compiz --replace
killall avant-window-navigator
metacity --replace

Double-click Nothing happens. To fix that, launch a terminal and use these commands to make the files executable.
cd ~/Desktop
chmod 755 ./bling-*.sh

Now try it.
Next, it's time to add some programs to Avant. Go to Applications and find a program you want to put in Avant's launcher. Instead of launching it, though, drag it to Avant and drop it there. Do this for all the programs you want on there.
Use the file to turn on Compiz, then Avant. Compiz has to be running, or Avant will look all ugly. turns them off and runs Metacity (GNOME's default window manager) in Compiz's place. Running either of them will keep all your windows intact.
The last step should be pretty easy: Annoy the hell out of anyone who uses Windows Vista. ;-)

From Ubuntu 7.10,
The DistRogue.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fog Splashcast

Add Fog Rugby's channel to your page

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Envy: my saving grace


I made a decision to install Sabayon Linux on my machine to dual boot two Linux operating systems. The potential bonus is that through correct installation I can use both flavors of Linux to manage my one home folder.

The downside, I realize now, is that Sabayon doesn't recognize my Ubuntu installation. It installs itself and never asks you if you want to dual boot.

My fix was to reinstall the Ubuntu system. I had to reconfigure grub during the initial reboot.
Dual booting with Sabayon NOT recommended !!!
In addition, I haven't even played around with Sabayon because it's missing title bars on all my windows.
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"
was already put in xorg.conf - but still none of my windows have a title bar and I don't know the system well enough to get the Nvidia drives up to date. overall, not a smooth experience.

When reinstalling, I decided to move back to 64 bit Ubuntu since I thought it would give me a speed boost.

Envy saved my ass!
if it were 6 months ago. I would have had to reboot Ubuntu (again). Something got fucked up in my xorg.conf file and the X server wasn't loading. My first step was to got to /etc/X11/ and swap out the current xorg.conf with a backup.
mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup.broken
mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf

When that didn't work I started stressing out! then I remembered that I had installed Envy and could reload my Nvidia drivers.
At the command prompt after the xorg failure I typed
envy -t
I did a clean install and everything is working. If only it worked with Sabayon....

I've also created a Virtual Machine of my old copy of XP. Very handy

Virtual Machine in Linux running XP


Rugby is going well. I'm not in shape. I was tackling girls at their practice last week and I could tell my shoulders need work. I felt that distinct sting of joints and ligaments not being strong enough.

Nonetheless, I had such a great time running around. Our season practices start at the end of this month.

I am working as a security guard at the Balls Out Ball. Should be fun.


Marketing world is going well for VoodooLogic. If you put VoodooLogic in TouchGraph, it is evident that I'm well versed in the social marketing scene.

My Trailfire is present and only gets larger as I can add more online resources to the chain of links.

Splashcast is showing A LOT of potential. This is my newest adoption for online marketing.

- - who said that'd be big??? Oh right, ME - - I

With the utilization of RSS video feeds can deliver wildly dynamic content to everyone.

With Myspace, it offers me the ability to embed a video comment, then change the contents of the video at a later time. It creates an increased level of exposure to all of the Fog's content, delivers the most updated information, and it makes less work for me.

Imagine, instead of putting out whole new comments for the Fog's 498 friends, I can just change the Splashcast video and having every embedded player show my latest content.

I have two accounts right now, one for the Fog and the other for VoodooLogic.

Sometimes I get to wishing that I could just have the VoodooLogic account and create a separate channel for rugby. This would bring all the credit back to me. However, it would take pull that creative power from anyone who came after me.
Maybe I should...

Monday, September 24, 2007

'$100 laptop' to sell to public

By Jonathan Fildes
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Students at a school in Nigeria

Computer enthusiasts in the developed world will soon be able to get their hands on the so-called "$100 laptop".

The organisation behind the project has launched the "give one, get one" scheme that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399 (£198).

One laptop will be sent to the buyer whilst a child in the developing world will receive the second machine

The G1G1 scheme, as it is known, will offer the laptops for just two weeks, starting on the 12 November.

The offer to the general public comes after the project's founder admitted that concrete orders from the governments of developing nations had not always followed verbal agreements

Nicholas Negroponte told the New York Times: "I have to some degree underestimated the difference between shaking the hand of a head of state and having a cheque written.

"And yes, it has been a disappointment."

Walter Bender, head of software development at One Laptop per Child (OLPC), told the BBC News website: "From day one there's been a lot of interest expressed in having some way of people in the developed world participate in the programme."

Price hike

The XO laptop has been developed to be used by children and is as low cost, durable and simple to use as possible.

It packs several innovations including a sunlight readable display so that it can be used outside. It has no moving parts, can be powered by solar, foot-pump or pull-string powered chargers and is housed in a waterproof case.

cost breakdown

The machine's price has recently increased from $176 (£88) to $188 (£93) although the eventual aim is to sell the machines for $100 (£50).

Governments can buy the green and white machines in lots of 250,000.

In July, hardware suppliers were given the green light to ramp-up production of all of the components needed to build the low-cost machines.

The decision suggested that the organisation had met or surpassed the three million orders it need to make production viable.

The names of the governments that have purchased the first lots of machines have not been released.

Developing whirl

But, according to OLPC, there has also been huge interest in the XO laptop from individuals in the developed world.

"I don't know how many times people have added an entry in our wiki saying 'how do I get one?' or 'I'd gladly pay one for a child if I could get one'," said Mr Bender.

Schoolchildren with $100 laptop, AP
The laptop was designed to be used in developing countries
The organisation has previously hinted that they were considering selling the laptop on a give one get one basis, but not this early.

In January this year, Michalis Bletsas, chief connectivity officer for the project, told the BBC news website that OLPC was hoping to sell the laptop to the public "next year".

Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of OLPC, has also previously said: "Many commercial schemes have been considered and proposed that may surface in 2008 or beyond, one of which is 'buy 2 and get 1'."

According to Mr Bender, OLPC see several advantages to offering laptops to the developed world.

"There's going to be a lot more people able to contribute content, software development and support," said Mr Bender.

But primarily, he said, it was a way of extending the laptop project to countries that cannot afford to participate.

"We see it as a way of kick-starting the programme in the least developed countries."

Early adopter

The first countries to receive the donated laptops will be Cambodia, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Haiti.

Other least developed countries (LDC), as defined by the UN, will be able to bid to join the scheme.

The laptops will go on sale for two weeks through the website.

They will only be available for two weeks to ensure OLPC can meet demand and so that machines are not diverted away from countries that have already placed orders.

Although the exact number of laptops available through the G1G1 scheme has not been revealed, Mr Bender said that the "first 25,000" people that purchase one should receive it before the end of the year.

Others will receive their machines in the first quarter of 2008.

Mr Bender said that if it proves successful, the organisation would consider extending the scheme.

"Our motivation is helping kids learn and giving them an opportunity to participate in the laptop programme so whatever will advance that cause we will do," he said.

"This is something we are going to try and if it looks like it is an effective tool we will do more of it."

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ReactOS 0.3.3 Released!

ReactOS is an effort to create a Free Software replacement for Microsoft Windows that is compatible with existing hardware and software! Changes in this release include kernel improvements (bringing it close to XP), improved stability and hardware support, better compatibility and application support, usability improvements and a package manager!

read more | digg story

Rugby Players Love Their Children Lightly Toasted

hot baby

Rugby Players Love Their Children Lightly Toasted

rugbyguy.jpgThis handsome young gentleman is Lucien Hoffman, of the Reno Zephyrs rugby club.This weekend, Reno held "The Biggest Little Rugby Tournament In TheWorld," (clever!) which was sponsored by the Mustang Ranch brothel.Hoffman was there. Inside. At the brothel. Oh, yeah: And his two-year-old daughter was lock in the car out in the parking lot, where it was 95 degrees because it's, you know, Reno.

The child been noticed by the brothel security guard,Hoffman's vehicle wouldn't have been allowed in. When security guardsdid hear her crying and couldn't locate her parents, they contacted thesheriff's office and took the child inside the brothel. "It was 95degrees out at that time of day, and you have to figure another 30degrees on top of that inside a vehicle even with the windows down,"Quirk said.

After Hoffman's arrest, the toddler was treated for dehydration andreleased to the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. She wasreturned to her mother in Bend, Ore.

We think it's worth noting that the brothel was actually a sponsor of the tournament, so, somehow, we imagine they've seen things like this happen before. But hey: It was a dry heat!

Father Arrested After Leaving Toddler In Car At Brothel Parking Lot [Fox News]

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Splashcast test

useful ubuntu links

Originaly posted here

Resources & How To's

Unofficial Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) Starter Guide
Installing Ubuntu
Ubuntu New User Network
Windows to Ubuntu Transition Guide
Basic Linux Commands
200 Linux Commands for Newbbies
100 Linux Magic Files and Directories
Ubuntu Documentation
Ubuntu Document Storage Facility
Ubuntu Forums
Ubuntu Guide
Ubuntu Tutorials
Fresh Ununtu Podcast
apt-get / dpkg Primer
Install Anything in Ubuntu
Compiling from Source in Ubuntu
Ubuntu Search Engine
Gimp Tutorials
Linux Printing
Ubuntu Video
X Window User HOWTO
Ubuntu Podcast
Official Ubuntu Book
Understanding the Linux Kernel
Learning the Shell
Bash Shell Scripting Howto
Shell Scripting Tutorial
Install Wine
Masters of the Universe!
Concurrent Versions System
Adding Repositories in Ubuntu
Squash a Few Bugs
Linux Reference Card
Ubuntu Linux Resources
Debian Online Help
Back Up Linux
Back Up and Restore Ubuntu
Screen Shot Howto's
Compiling a New Kernel
How To Compile A Kernel - The Ubuntu Way
Ubuntu Customization Guide
Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Ubunut Video HOWTO's
Ubuntu Networking HOWTO
Ubuntu Server Guide
Upgrade Ubuntu Dapper to Ubuntu Edgy Eft
Using Samba
Linux Device Drivers
Introductory Guide to Linux Basics
Linux Administration Made Easy
Managing Packages

Apps & Scripts

EasyUbuntu Script: DVD MP3 Flash RAR ATI/nVidia...30+
Automatix Script: DVD MP3 Flash nVidia...54+
Change Default File Manager in Gnome
Install nVidia's Drivers
Install ATI Drivers
Tweakers' HOWTOs Tamer
Amarok Music Player
Perl Audio Converter
Ubuntu Linux DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter Guide
Beagle Search
Evince Document Viewer
Install Truecrypt on Ubuntu
Mondo Rescue
Linux Par2
IEs 4 Linux
Pixel Image Editor
Geany Text Editor
Ding German-English Dictionary
Open Office Suite
EasyEclipse Software Development Platform
Binary Newsreader with NZB Support
HOWTO Install Flash9 in Ubuntu
Nautilus File Manager Scripts
Parental Control with GUI
Convert Your MP3's to Ogg Vorbis
Ardour Digital Audio Workstation
LiVES Video Editing System
Boot Up Manager (BUM)

Firestarter Firewall
Aptana Web 2.0 IDE

Tricks & Tips

iPod on Ubuntu
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